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。。。★★   ★★━별을좋아하는사람은。。。
。。★∴∴★ ★∴∴★꿈이많고。。。。。。。。

A person who loves stars
Has many dreams
A person who loves rain
Has many sad memories
A person who loves snow
Is pure
A person who loves flowers
Is lovely
A person who loves all of these things
Is in love right now


이건 정말 비밀인데요

당신이 아직도 보고싶어요

아직도 당싱 전화번호를 기억하고

당신의 버릇도

당신의 습관도

당신의 말투도

생생히 기억해요

이런 나는 어쩌면 좋을까요.

You know...
This is really a secret but
I still miss you
I still remember your phone number
Your habits...
Your ways (sorta the same as habits)
The way you talk too
I remember everything so clearly
What am I going to do with myself?


사랑은 담배와같은것
첨에는 설레임반 호기심반으로
시작하여 피우면 피울수록 독하고 목도 아프지만
잇숙해지면 사랑이 없으면 불안하고 초초하면
마지막에는 불씨가 점점 사라져 나중에는..
아쉬움만 남는것.

Love is like a cigarette.
First, you start because it's interesting and you're curious
But then as you keep going, it's too strong and it kinda hurts
After you get used to it, if it isn't there, you get scared and anxious
Finally, the fire starts to go away
and all you have left is regrets.  




...거짓말이라고 생각해...

내눈엔 많은 사람들이 보여..

치만.. 많은 사람들 중에서

" 너만을 찾게돼..."

In my eyes...

The saying that you're the only one I see...

That, I believe, is a lie...

In my eyes, I see many people...

But, amidst this group of people,

I only search for you.

세상에 완벽한 남자와

완벽한 여자는없다.

모자라는 남자와

모자라는 여자가 만들어가는

완벽한 사랑만이 있을뿐이다.

There's no such thing as the perfect guy.

And there's no such thing as the perfect girl.

But only a less than perfect guy

And a less than perfect girl can make

a perfect love.


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