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Saturday, November 12, 2011

facebook Lee Yeon Hee page has just launched!

 LEE YEON HEE  turut membuka akaun FB!  
Klik --------------------> 이연희(Lee Yeon Hee) 
atau  copy---- > 
dan LIKE!!! 

이연희(Lee Yeon Hee) message to fans:

안녕하세요~~여러분^^ 수줍지만 저의 페이스북에 와주신걸 감사합니다^^ '좋아요' 많이 눌러주세요~ [from Yeon Hee]
Hi ~ ~ you can ^ ^ but has given up on my Facebook and picking up thank you ^ ^ ' good ' a lot of press ~ [from Yeon Hee]  (Translated by Bing)
**sebenarnya agak confuse dengan translation ni.. 

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