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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boyfriend message for Bangkok Fans!

Ok kepada peminat Boyfriend di Bangkok ni ada pesanan daripada Boyfriend.. 
Dear 'Bestfriend' in Bangkok!

Boyfriend will visit Bangkok on 25th & 26th Oct for the first time!!! We have been looking forward to meet Thai fans, and finally the day arrives!

We are so excited, but in the same breath, we are deeply saddened by the pain & suffering of the people affected by heavy rain and flooding recently. We cannot imagine their pain, but sincerely we hope that things will get better. We will keep praying for Thailand!

If you can, come see us at Parc Paragon on 26th Oct! Hope to see you guys in Bangkok :) 
*dyela translate sikit k. Boyfriend akan datang ke Bangkok pada 25 dan 26 okt 2011 . Mereka akan berada di  Parc Paragon pada 26 Okt 2011. Jadi kalau peminat Malaysia yang ingin berjumpa Boyfriend boleh lah kesana. Tapi hati-hati k sebab tengah banjir sekarang.
kredit: Boyfriend FB official  

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