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Monday, October 31, 2011

Jang Keun Suk warns his sasaeng fans: "I`m a scary guy when I’m angry"

 Amaran Jang Keun Suk kepada sasaeng fans!

Jang Keun Suk  telah menulis di laman twitter baru-baru ini dengan menyatakan satu mesej tegas kepada sasaeng fans. Jang Guen Suk menyatakan :
Saseng fan kids. You guys are probably deceiving yourselves, following me and talking about how you guys know my every move. But you know what? By doing so, you guys are becoming that much more distant from me. Laugh while you can ^^ I’m a scary guy when I’m angry~
Jang Guen Suk juga menambah:
I remember your faces clearly. Sasaeng kids would love it when I say that I remember them, right? Like I said before, laugh while you can~ You guys are out now!” 
 Kemudian jang Guen Suk menambah:
I don’t mind people following me, but there is a certain ‘limit’“. “I like Japan and the Japanese people^^ I just don’t like sasaeng fans~ I like China and the Chinese people, [it's] just that I don’t like sasaeng fans~ Now, if I say don’t follow me~ Just stop then. That’s what you call a ‘limit’~“.
Pergh.. peminat fanatik ni!  Jang Guek terus menekankan hal ini dengan menyatakan:
 “By stressing this ‘limit’, I’m leaving this message in the hopes that the excessive affection doesn’t become obnoxious.
Siapa la sasaeng ni sampai Jang Guen Suk pula rasa fobia dengan mereka. Stop Ok! Atau anda akan diserang peminat sukkie pula!  For sukkie~ Smile oppa.. we always with u..  To unknown Sasaeng,Please give him a space!!

Source: TV Report

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